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What is about to change in CISSP from Apr 2018

Change have arrived and like with other professional certification there is almost a standard time before certification gets its update, with most anywhere it is between 3 - 4 years, CISSP is no different and since last update was on 2015 the change is arriving here as well.

For the people that wish to see the official existing and new outline

I have decided to write this post as the new out line is more of a list of Domain and Sections within the domain without hint or indication to what was modified actually and I could not find anyone else that done that comparison, I had to take the task and do the comparison, please be advised that I have done it for my own "pleasure" so apologies if I missed something :-)

Lets start with the obvious change:

CISSP - Before Apr 2018 CISSP - from Apr 2018
1. Security and Risk Management 16% 15%
2. Asset Security 10% 10%
3. Security Engineering 12% 13%
4. Communications and Network Security 12% 14%
5. Identity and Access Management 13% 13%
6. Security Assessment and Testing 11% 12%
7. Security Operations 16% 13%
8. Software Development Security 10% 10%

So as you can see from the table above there are not mind blowing ground up changes , we are still in 8 Domain format, there are small variations in the ratio between the domains and since we have 250 Questions still questions have the same wight 1% eq 2.5 questions so if you look at that this way and take an example Domain 1 was reduced in 2 - 3 questions for the favor of Domain 3 that Ratio was increased by 1%. I would see that as a very minor diff.

Now if you look into each Domain in more details then

Domain 1 Security and Risk Management - originally with 12 Sections and still is with 12 Sections however 
  • Section 1.2 was reduced to 5 sub areas from 6 by merging Due Care and Due Diligence into one section, does it mean we need to know less about them ?! I think not
  • Section 1.4 Similarly Computer Crime (The law Term) was changed to Cyber Crime and was merged with Data Breachs
  • Section 1.9 Again 12 sub areas where trimmed by merging content to 11 sections
Domain 2 Asset Security - Seem to be unchanged for the most part small change to Section 2.5.4 instead of cryptography it was modified to Data protection methods I would think it is a more global look of what is available to Data protection other then the focus on Crypto

Domain 3 Security Engineering 
  • Section 3.5 was appended with IOT, I would say kind of expected change with all the buzz around it (no offense intended).
  • Section 3.11.7 Water Issues was modified to Environment Issues, as well seem to be kind of obvious to change as focus only on Water hazards kind of ...
Domain 4 Communication and Network Security 
  • Section 4.1.7 Cryptography used to maintain communication security - removed
  • Section 4.2.6 Physical devices - removed
  • Section 4.4 Prevent and Mitigate network Attack was removed
Domain 5 IAM 
  • Section 5.3 as was was removed and new 5.3 is equivalent to Old Section 5.4 and in addition it seem to be segmented to 3 sub areas Cloud, On-Premise and Federated.
  • Section 5.6 Prevent and Mitigate access control - removed
  • Section 5.7 Manage the Identity - removed
Domain 6 Security Assessment and Testing
  • Section 6.1 was extended with 3 sub areas of Internal , External Third Party
  • Section 6.5 was getting the same workout Section 6.1 received  
Domain 7 Security Operations
  • Section 7.16 Address personnel safety and security concerns was extended and received 4 sub areas Travel , Security training and awareness, Emergency management , Duress

Domain 8 Software Development Security 
  • Section 8.2 was trimmed from 5 sub areas to 3
    • Security weaknesses and vulnerabilities at the source-code level - removed
    • Security or API -removed
  • Section 8.3 Acceptance testing - removed
  • New Section 8.5 Define and apply secure coding guidelines and standards with 3 sub areas
    • Security weaknesses and vulnerabilities at the source-code level
    • Security of application programming interfaces
    • Secure coding practices

So overall if looking on the changes there are not fundamental but I think they are the necessary to be made if looking into the industry, so good luck to me and who ever is going to take the challenge :-)

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