Monday, October 30, 2017

Awesome Neil Anderson Cisco CCNA Lab Guide

I was honored to be approached earlier today by Mr. Neil Anderson fellow CCIE :-) that have his very cool and highly popular site, Neil have done some grate work building a new elaborate and ready to use CCNA Lab guide that I am more then happy to share his link over my blog:

I have taken a quick look and it for the CCNA Candidate it would be a grate guide to get to know his way around the Cisco Networking Practical work, in addition Neil have made it for you all that easy by keeping it all within the Virtual environment of GNS3 so you would not have to lift your ass of the seat even (Like I did back in the days ~20y ago) 

So for all the CCNA to be (and I would add to the once that are as well) highly recommended

Good Luck

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