Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CCDE Written


Just recently I had to re-certify my CCIE, so I have decided to go for the CCDE written this time. I have cleared that Exam so I would like to share some of the material I have used, the written encompass high level design focusing on VPN’s from all sort and types (MPLS , DMVPN , GETVPN , IPSEC , L2 , VPLS, MLD) and adding with that Security QoS and Management even storage. so you do not need to know how to configure everything (or anything for that meter) you must need to know where and what technology to use in different given situations.

To study for that exam I had done some reading (not cover to cover)

BGP Design and Implementation

MPLS and VPN Architectures (CCIP Edition)

In Addition I have used the excellent resource called ciscolive365 video lectures:

BRKMPL-2102 Deploy MPLS Based IP VPN

BRKRST-3310 Troubleshoot OSPF

BRKRST-2042 HA WAN Design

BRKRST-2310 OSPF Large Scale



Written check list:


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