Sunday, February 28, 2010

[ OFF TOPIC ] Wet iPhone

Few days ago I have been driving my motorcycle back from work to my home, there was at the time an unexpected pouring rain, needless to say I was wet to my bones When I have arrived home I saw that my iPhone suffered a wet shower, I didn’t know if it damaged my iPhone as it was functioning, so I went to sleep. the next day I tried to open my phone and my precious iPhone refused to function properly, the screen was really dark, I started to cry (not really) then I went to my friend to search for a solution, I saw that someone had saved his blackberry using a bawl of rice, I was skeptic and started to plan the funeral but I have inserted my precious to a bawl of rice (Persian rice), then after almost 2 nights I have opened my iPhone and like magic it started speaking to me again.


  • driving in motorcycle in the rain can damage your iPhone!
  • A bawl off rice can be more then a Chinese side dish

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