Monday, July 13, 2009

CCIE Re-certification

I have had in the past months much considerations to take before I am starting the process again of studying for my certification, some of the considerations I will share with you (some I will leave to my self). 1) Time - that is the main point as in the last 1.5 years since the CCIE my work had become so hectic and demanding that I barely have time for my family let alone my self. 2) Money - yes you would think becoming a CCIE would win you the jackpot but I would share with you a secret it will not (may be for some lucky ones) the financial crises had got to all. 3) Family - I have 1 wife 1 son and 1 in the oven (we say tphoo tphoo tphoo like touch wood). so I need again to split my self into several pieces hopefully I would be able to reassemble all back (transformers...). 4) Work - Yes work this is the place my pay check come from, again split my self. 5) Should I consider a different track - I gone back and forward on that question over and over. 6) What material to take - again read the same books, rfc's... and if it is a new track where to start. I will not bore you with all the details and I will tell you that the final result was 1) Time = night 2) Money = dont have a choice, my job dose not pay for that but is also fair and not taking my title under her "wings" like I hear about many others. 3) Family = I would just say that I love my wife son and soon to be ... 4) Work = the only once that do not have any considerations. 5) I Decided to re cert in my current track R&S, much less time! 6) Yes no choice but to go back to txt books.
Advice unless you have a spare time or your job help you (time, money, and they need it) do not consider a different track, specialize in your own track be the best you can be where you at.
So Wish me Luck (I will keep my date to my self for now) :-)


Unknown said...

Hi I', thinking about starting prep for the CCIE written. I work and also go to school. So can you point me in the right directions? i.e. The materials you are using and so forth. Email me:
good luck on your exam.

cciep3 said...

the written is relativly to the lab the easy part as you can prepare on only the theory and succeed, I use the

Cisco_Press CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide 3rd Edition