Thursday, July 16, 2009

DCOF – Data Center of the Future

yesterday we had a virtual event provided by some of the leaders in Data Center Computing (Cisco, VMware, EMC, Oracle, NetApp, APC, EMERSON) the web virtual Event entail some of the challenges and current design's as well as future design and solutions we may encounter in Data Centers.

From my prospective the main event where the 2 first presenters Cisco and VMware, both have joind forces to show you how the Data Center of the Future should look like, VMware as the Application infrastructure and Cisco as the Networking complimentary.

We will expect to see them more and more in Data Centers providing High Availability Fault tolerance and network resilience between Data Centers.

Some of the hot discussed topics where the:

  1. VN-link – amazing Cisco Nexus 1000V basically that is a replacement for vSwitch (VMware layer 2 switch on ESX/ESXi) and I will add to it an amazing with huge amount of capabilities in compare to the vSwitch under the ESX/ESXi.
  2. FCOE – Fiber Channel Over Ethernet std although not new, in the context of Data Center resiliency, management, scalability and cost reduction FCOE can is defiantly an option.
  3. vSphere – VMware Cloud solution version 4, was announced several weeks ago officially by VMware, yesterday was interesting to see the vision for the data center and there honesty about some of their weakness in the networking area (where Cisco compliment them to some level).

I work today a lot with VMware solutions and see their adaptation as their products advanced, the DCOF will be very interesting…

Monday, July 13, 2009

CCIE Re-certification

I have had in the past months much considerations to take before I am starting the process again of studying for my certification, some of the considerations I will share with you (some I will leave to my self). 1) Time - that is the main point as in the last 1.5 years since the CCIE my work had become so hectic and demanding that I barely have time for my family let alone my self. 2) Money - yes you would think becoming a CCIE would win you the jackpot but I would share with you a secret it will not (may be for some lucky ones) the financial crises had got to all. 3) Family - I have 1 wife 1 son and 1 in the oven (we say tphoo tphoo tphoo like touch wood). so I need again to split my self into several pieces hopefully I would be able to reassemble all back (transformers...). 4) Work - Yes work this is the place my pay check come from, again split my self. 5) Should I consider a different track - I gone back and forward on that question over and over. 6) What material to take - again read the same books, rfc's... and if it is a new track where to start. I will not bore you with all the details and I will tell you that the final result was 1) Time = night 2) Money = dont have a choice, my job dose not pay for that but is also fair and not taking my title under her "wings" like I hear about many others. 3) Family = I would just say that I love my wife son and soon to be ... 4) Work = the only once that do not have any considerations. 5) I Decided to re cert in my current track R&S, much less time! 6) Yes no choice but to go back to txt books.
Advice unless you have a spare time or your job help you (time, money, and they need it) do not consider a different track, specialize in your own track be the best you can be where you at.
So Wish me Luck (I will keep my date to my self for now) :-)