Friday, October 24, 2008


Well I know this is not Cisco but I have just passed 30 min ago my JNCIA-ER exam with score of 90, to be honest that was one of the shortest test's I have ever had, usually I stay no meter what to the last minute but because I was pretty sure on my answers I have left after ~20 min. The resources provided from the site are excellent and answer 100% to the test questions. almost to good to be true. I must say that the last 3 weeks I have been playing with the junos (under my vmware setup) it seem to be realy nice and powerful OS. So for you professionals and experts I think it should be very nice knowledge edition, I am still thinking if I want to proceed with the JNCIS-ER exam or stop here with juniper, I will update you later. All of you have a nice weekend :-)


Unknown said...

Congrats Shiran :) :) :)

cciep3 said...

Thank you