Saturday, February 02, 2008

Juniper start here

Ok although I am a fan of Cisco you cant go around and not see that Juniper is there and slow but safely moving up and up, I remembered that I heard the name Juniper in 2001 I said yes yes... and thought to my self another one of thus companies... Today I cant ignore them anymore, and why I saw today the first (I think, as I never saw before) online rack rental and workbook for Juniper this I think is the first but many will follow after, as the demand and the deployments of Juniper in the world today are growing and I do not think there is an ISP or any SP (Wireless / Mobile / Others) in the Industry today that do not have Juniper some where in his network, now I do not think it is bad for Cisco (other then sales), I think that good competitors bring the best in you, when I was in school if some one tried had better grades then me then I always tried to do harder and if I was the better one I always made sure that it would stay that way (I was very competitive with subjects I liked). so competition is good for Cisco from my point of view.

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