Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CCIE LAB with Dynamips

I am proude to present to you my first LAB design with Dynamips, it is a 5 router topology with the use of FRSW and ETHSW from Dynamips.

I am working today with IEWBv4 to get my number. during my study I have said to my self why not create also your own LAB topology with your own scenarios, and here we are.

you can download my .net and initial config

As for the Lab Scenarios rules:

1) Do NOT use Frame-Relay Inverse Arp
2) Do NOT use sub interface with int Frame-Relay
3) There should be connectivity trough out the network include routes advertised from BB1
4) Y represent the Router number

1) Set loopback interfaces on R1/R2/R3/R4 with 150.1.y.y


1) Set Connectivity on the Frame Relay cloud between R1 R2 and R3
2) set Connectivity on the Frame Relay cloud between R4 to BB1
3) Set Serial using ppp between R3 and R4
4) I am a little afraid from unwanted users so please make sure you add on MD5 authentication between R3 to R4 and to make it more efficient as most of my traffic is txt files please use compression.



1) Router 1 , 2 , 3 should all be on Backbone area
2) Do not use DR/BDR
3) Set Timers as on Non-Brodcast Topology
4) Set Authentication MD5


1) Set Router 3 and 4 on AS 34
2) The Administrator have connectivity between R3 and 4 trogh the Serial and FastEthernet make sure that both path will be used.
3) Advertise loopback interfaces with out using the network command
4) please make R3 and R4 authenticate each other with "CCIEP3" password and make sure that on December 28 2008 12 AM (when I turn 30) the password will be changed to "CCIEP?" also i wont you to allow a R4 and R3 to be able to authenticate CCIEP3 until 3AM Dec 28 2008.


1) Simply redistribute between Eigrp and OSPF on R3

I will Continue this lab Scenario later, please review and advice if you have any suggestions or feedback I will be happy to get some.

Thank you

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