Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Agilent Conferance Israel

Today I have visited Agilent Conference in Israel, I love conferences! beside the good food it is a chance for you to see what company's think is the next best thing, as far as Agilent they claim to be the world leading in Electronic Measurement and Bio-Analytical Measurement, well I love the phrase world leading (I am not saying they aren't just saying who crowned them) as every company is saying I am world leading in this or that... Any WAY Agilant as I was saying have some nice products for analyzing network nodes performance and capability, mostly (from what I saw) they come to give the developer or system people the ability to check equipment like routers and switches from layer 2 - 7 mean they chcek from STP RSTP MST and IPv4 IPv6 and IGMP MLD OSPF BGP RTP RSTP and a lot more. Why do I tell you all this?! well as we are studying to become CCIE top professional level there is in IT today, I think it is very important to be familiar not only with CISCO equipment and Technology as the world is much versatile then that. we must know how to check also that when we implement certain policy or protocol the behavior of the router or switch that we implemented the configuration is according to the manual as or even if it is not written in the manual what will happen for example if we implement both video and voice and P2P application on our network what will be the QoE (Quality of Experience) that our clients will get. as a network professional it is critical task especially in today network and in the future networks. so my advice is also look around you so when the time come and you face with a problem you will know how to attack it even if it was not on the test!!! Just few words, to open you mind :-)

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