Sunday, April 01, 2007

How to Guide For Dynamips on Linux

In continue to people comments and notes on the subject I would like to write a small doc here on how to Work with Dynampis on linux First you can download Dynamips from here and I recommend to use 0.2.6-RC5 (both for linux and windows) extract all to /home/dynagen mkdir /home/dynagen/images // for the IOS Image mkdir /home/dynagen/working // for Dynamips server outputs and memory emulation and extract your IOS image to it After you extract the binary (unless you know what you are doing I recommend to to waist your time with the Source). you need to create a shell file that will open localhost ports of Dynamips on your PC and this you can see in my artical Then all you need to do is to start the lab that you want from the labs I have given by do not forget to change the IOS image name to fit what you are using and to check your idle-pc as it is important if you want to work with more then one router. you can find more info on idle-pc here ./dynagen Network successfully started Dynagen management console for Dynamips => list Name Type State Server Console R1 3640 stopped localhost:7200 2001 R2 3640 stopped localhost:7208 2002 .... .... => start R1 // to start R1 then you can either from a new console #telnet localhost 7200 or if you in linux gui mode you can do under the Dynagen Console => telnet R1 // it will open you a telnet terminal I think it summarize almost all you need to get started so Good Luck

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