Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have done some work for my self and I would like to share it with you, I want to point out that there is no real substitude to the real deal but the Dyanmips is the closest thing and it helps a lot with your practice as not every one can afford a full lab equipment or even lab rental some time can add up to a substantial amount of money (i have spent until now ~600 - 700USD on rent time) so for sure the Dyanmips is saving a lot. I have modified the IEWBv4 of internetworkexpert for you to be able to just load each time the lab you want and start work instead of waisting time on configuring IP's and init config also as you know some of the init config are also the task to find what is wrong with init conf. So you can Donwload it from Here also do not forget to create a Bash file for opening ports #!/bin/sh nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7200 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7201 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7202 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7203 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7204 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7205 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7206 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7207 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7208 & nice /home/dynagen/dynamips-0.2.6-RC5-x86.bin -H 7209 & NOTE: All the config is optimized for Linux (my choice of OS as the performance is better)

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