Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CCIE Practice LAB Dynamips

OK guys first I would like to thank you on the feedback it is much appreciated that some one takes the time to respond to you on your time and effort. So I would like to add another .net topology that is smaller but very useful for IP Services practice like Proxy Arp, NAT, HSRP and all the things you want to test that do not require a full lab of 13 routers. the lab was prepared from the IEWBv4 IPServices book under Advanced Technologies also to people that do not have this Work Book it can be very handy as it is not very hard to figure the structure of the lab. And work you way trough all kind of scenarios. So Here


Unknown said...

i am getting the following error message:

>dynagen ie.routing.and.Rack1.lab2.net

***Error: could not connect to server: localhost:7200

could you help me?. readyfor042000@yahoo.com

cciep3 said...

Hi probebly because you didnt start the Dyanmips server and just tried to get the .net file to start.