Tuesday, March 27, 2007

CCIE Lab Documentation CD TIP

At first glance you say who have the patients to go trough this Doc Site but patients pay sometime and the site is one of the helpful when you have something to remember and you need a quick Guido. I my self have a method that I hope will also help you: 1) First you need to find out what you are looking for and this is buy understanding the question 2) Now when you know what you are looking for (example: BGP outbound and inbound influence) you open the DOC site 3) First I would look for under Cisco IOS Software and usually I will go to 12.4 4) then I will go to Configuration Guides where there is 2 12.4 and 12.4T 5) I would choose T if we are talking on special features, mostly I will go to 12.4 Configuration Guide 6) and then Select Routing Protocols and BGP and in BGP I will select Connecting to Service Providers and there you go to Configuration Examples and here in under a min you have a quick reference that can remind you how to influence BGP. Note: you now probably say what the hell is he talking about and what if it is something else I need to find, well the answer is understanding, you must remember that you cant go to the test find a new subject and start search for it on the Doc CD, it doesn't work that way. You MUST get the complete understanding on the technology and then searching for it is easy. I am going mainly to IOS 12.4 or 12.2 if it is something older (12.3 I find unhelpful) and if it is related to 3550 or 3560 Cat then I go directly to Catalyst Switches Section and to 3560 12.2(25)SEE and again to software configuration guide.

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