Tuesday, March 13, 2007

CCIE Dynamips Full IEWB 1 - 20 Practice Lab

Finally I have the full IE work book set up for me and I would like to share this with you as it is helping me very much. So hope you will Enjoy this :-)


Yeo said...

great work my fren ! thanks

Allotment watch said...

Will download this at give it a go - thanks. BTW, are you able to run all the internetworkexpert lab devices without any performance issues on your pc/laptop? ...and if so what's the specs on you pc. Cheers

cciep3 said...

thanks for your comment, to answer mohammad qwestion, I have purchased a PC for running internetworkexpert lab but still I need to upgrade to run it fully with BGP, Eigrp, Ospf
I bought a PC with Intel 3.4 Ghz Proccessor and 1 GB RAM DDR2 667MHz. i can work 8 Routers with full config but I guss that if I will put 2 GB RAM will be able to run full 13 - 16 Routers.

Unknown said...

i am getting the following error message:

>dynagen ie.routing.and.Rack1.lab2.net

***Error: could not connect to server: localhost:7200

could you help me?. readyfor042000@yahoo.com

rye said...

hi..thanks for the dynamips .net files..can you upload the workbook as well? thanks a lot.

cciep3 said...

the IEWB is done with a lot of good work from good people and I will be spitting at there work and violating publisher rights if I will upload the WORK BOOK, so as I respect Internetworkexpert and the people there I will not, and I hope you will realize that and if you want it pay for it to Internetworkexpert.