Thursday, January 04, 2007


On my way to become New CCIE R&S I learn almost every day something new and get my older knowledge deeper. To become CCIE I am getting to understand that the real scary part about this exam is the anticipation and not the exam it self. And I relay believe that when you will go into the exam no matter how much you learned you always have 50% chance to encounter with something new. So my tip is to relax and if you face with a question that you do not know just skip it and note to your self to get back to it later. And usually this things you will not know of the top of your head are only few points. No I don't say this exam is easy, this is for sure one of the hardest exam there is in our filed of expertise but with hard work you will achieve results. I am going to give my good available time from work dedicated to this task in order to achieve it. So wishing all good luck in there quest to become "New born CCIE"

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