Thursday, January 18, 2007


I am sure every body had a bad day in there life especially if you are trying to get this Certificate. Well yesterday was my bad day, I have went into the practice lab and started uploading all the initial configuration, I don't know why nothing went smooth yesterday a regular setup took me ages to get to I was like a zombie trying to figure out how to do a simple filter or how to setup a OSPF tunnel between areas. Just NOT FUN DAY Any how I want to say that when you have such a bad day like I did the key is not to give up and say OK stop I want to get off the bus, push your self to the limit as this is what people expect you to deliver. you need to be there last resort there hope to a solution when they cant think of one, so you need to encounter with a lot of dead end in your experience to get the "wisdom" and I don't mean you need to memorize all the LIVE CD of cisco NO NO NO! you need to be able to work trough to a solution and to get to it with the technology understanding and tools you have around you.

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