Thursday, January 25, 2007

CCIE IEWB R&S For Dynagen

I was absolutely amazed with the possibility of the practice with this emulator as it is allowing you to create a full lab on your PC (it needs to be a strong one but you can). I am using a poor PC (Celeron 2.4 Ghz with 512MB RAM ) for this task and it is handleing well just handeling as it taks some time untill all the topology is starting and it is runing the CPU at 100% all the time and Memmory ~600 - 700 MB, I am logging in remotly from my lap top as I do not want to run on this PC any more applications. For login Remotly simply state the IP Address insted of the localhost [localhost:7201] to [] if is your IP. I have now finished mapping the full IEWB R&S v4 Lab for the Dynagen and I have added here my link to download I hope you all benefit from that. I must say it is fun :-)

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George Roman Adrian said...

Nice, thanks for the lab. I am actually preparing for CCNP (ISCW and ONT) but your lab is very welcome.