Monday, December 18, 2006


Today I have successfully passed the CCIE R&S written exam (87%). This is grate day and I cant wait already to go to the lab exam in Belgium. The written was very hard 100 Q with very little time but after hands on practice and a lot of Cisco online documentation reading (mostly troubleshooting guides) i have successfully done it. keep in mind that the written is only a small portion of the real CCIE R&S and the true exam is the actual lab, I have some way to cover before I will go to my first lab (also because unlike the written the lab is not 30 min from home and 300$ for attempt). the lab is the real deal 8 hr 5hr flight from home and 1500$ for the exam alone. so I intend to take as much as I can lab prep guide and lab time in my favorite lab believe me when I say I am not getting any thing from them and I do not own and stocks but they where the easiest and most friendly lab prep I have found. Most of the other labs have tones of security and tools like java (I hate java) applet tools to access there equipment. and pricing, don't get me started there are labs that want you to pay for the same 4 hr you get for 15 $ between 20 to 50$ why?! Do they give you gold?! I will stop here before it will sound like a commercial. CCIE LAB here I come

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