Sunday, December 10, 2006


This is not my first block and probably not the last, I love every once in a while to open a new block and after I had enough to close it. My Name is Shiran and I live in Israel (For now) I am married with a butiful wife name Vered and we have a son on the way (in the oven). Currently I am working in a private company as an Integrator and Planner of VoIP Networks. "intresting, not?" well yes it is intresting and with a lot of chalanges in today hybrid networks, today it is already a vast spreading word, every body "know" what is VoIP everybody is over there, NOT! every body wants to be there as this is the new kid on the block and this new kid has some nice features and options that the legacy telephony do not. back to me I am on my proffestional hadding to become CCIE R&S, you probebly ask your self why R&S when you talked until now about VoIP, why not the CCIE VOICE?! well CCIE VOICE is nice but cover more Cisco Products and Technology then real world VoIP. it is true that 60 - 70% of the world of R&S is based Cisco but this is far from it on the VOIP world, R&S is a very good certificate as it contains very high internet and lan protocol and application unerstanding what is a must in the way of becoming VOIP ready network. SO CCIE R&S as far as i see it is the way to start!

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