Monday, December 11, 2006


well you decided you want to be CCIE?! Good for you :-) Now you need to decide how you will do it, as you probably know (and if you don't I will tell you) CCIE is the most professional test there is in the industry today. So to sucessed in this exam you need to know "some stuff" the exam is divide to 2 sections Written Lab Cisco suggest tones of books for preparing you to the exam, and no dugout you need to know all of it to sucessed but you can narrow it down if you have some experience like CCNA and even better CCNP prior to this. although Cisco do not prevent you to do the test if you do not have prior certification, believe me it is much easier if you do this first, 1) you get to know what Cisco expect in there tests 2) you do not been bombarded with all the material at once 3) you get some experience (you must get hands on experience if you want to pass the lab). So you see it is not all bad you just need to be with lots of patients and self study skills and you will do it for sure. note that there are some prep bootcamp around the world today but they are relatively expensive. and not any where so if you are close to such location you are Lucy and be advised that a teacher can either make your life easy or can make your life much harder (bad teacher). So get some recommendations before going to such school. SO GOOD LUCK

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